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Champagnes & Sparkling

7. Langham Classic Brut 2011

Bottle: £42.50

Classic Champagne blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir & Meunier, sherbet character

  • Dorchester, Dorset

4. Prosecco NV Spumante, Porta Leone

125ml: £5.00, Bottle: £27.50

Prestigious family maker of lifted, zesty Prosecco with ripe pear notes (11%)

  • Treviso, Italy

3. Furleigh Estate Vintage 2010 Brut Rose

125ml: £9.70, Bottle: £52.50

A pale pink sparkling wine with a gentle mousse and lively red fruits (12%)

  • Bridport, Dorset

2. Billecart Salmon NV Brut Reserve

Bottle: £85.50

Small House making lovely, elegant Champagnes, widely considered to be the finest of the NV Roses

  • Champagne

1. Billecart Salmon NV Brut Majeur Rose

125ml: £8.20, Bottle: £40.00

Lightly toasty with a lively bead, poached pear fruit and an apple-tinged finish (12.5%)

  • Champagne

6. Sparkling Albarino, Sensum Laxas

Bottle: £35.50

Soft biscuit, nuts and cake notes with honeyed aromas & long, persistent, sweeter finish

  • Galicia, Spain

White Wines

23. Pinot Grigio delle Venezie 2015 Az Agricole Anselmi

175ml: £6.50, 50cl: £17.20, Bottle: £25.50

Proper fresh, slightly mineral Pinot Grigio from brothers Bepe and Luigi (12.5%)

  • Venezie, Italy

22. Colombard Vermentino 2016 Le Ferme Petit Paul

Bottle: £18.50

Fresh, zesty wine with good acidity and some scent from the underrated Vermentino

  • Southern France

21. Grillo di Sicilia 2016 Njiro, Vitivinicola Tola

175ml: £6.00, 50cl: £15.90, Bottle: £21.95

Bright, lemony style of native Sicilian white made from organic grapes by the delightful Tola famly (11.5%)

  • Sicily

20. Vinho Verde 2016

Bottle: £23.50

Slight prickle of acidity on the tongue, wonderfully fresh, great with raw shellfish and only 9.5% alc

  • Portugal

31. Sauvignon de Touraine 2016 Domaine Renaudie

175ml: £7.75, 50cl: £20.75, Bottle: £27.75

Undoubtedly as good as many growers’ Sancerres, grassy with wonderful verve and poise (13%)

  • Loire

30. Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Isabella da Silva

175ml: £5.85, 50cl: £15.60, Bottle: £22.50

Bright, vivacious Sauvignon fruit with green capsicum notes

  • Valle de Rapel, Chile

33. Sauvignon Blanc 2016 The Winchester Estate

175ml: £7.45, 50cl: £19.50, Bottle: £28.95

Heady, pronounced scent of gooseberries and cut grass, lifted grapefruit finish

  • Marlborough, NZ

32. Riesling 2015 Lone Birch, The Airfield Winer

Bottle: £33.95

Steely, limey Riesling here, with those wonderful zesty, slight petroleum notes

  • Yakima Valley, Washington State

29. Vermentino Cuvee Prestige Sur Lie 2015 Domaine Jerome Vic

Bottle: £23.90

Classic, bright, slightly scented Mediterranean variety that keeps its fresh, edgy attack even in the warmth

  • Languedoc

28. Sancerre 2015 Domaine Paul Doucet

Bottle: £39.50

A benchmark example of this village from the most delightful, award winning family

  • Loire

27. Chablis 2015 Domaine Jean Marc Brocard

Bottle: £43.50

The most mineral style of Chardonnay, as Julien Brocard describes it – ‘swimming in the Jurassic sea’

  • Burgundy

26. Chenin Blanc 2016 Geo Kinross

175ml: £4.80, 50cl: £12.30, Bottle: £16.95

Almond and pear flavours, soft fruit but with an uplifted finish (12.5%)

  • Paarl, South Africa

25. Muscadet Sevre Maine Sur Lie 2016

Bottle: £28.50

Traditional shellfish accompaniment from the Nantes area of The Loire. Chalky, lean and fresh

  • Loire

24. Picpoul de Pinet 2016 Terres Rouges, Domaine Reine-Juliette

175ml: £6.75, 50cl: £18.00, Bottle: £26.50

Lime zest character from this rare variety grown here in the salty sea breezes above the Etang de Thau (13%)

  • S France

38. Albarino 2015 Xuliana

Bottle: £26.50

Fruity and floral on the nose with notes of stone fruit peach and apricot. Very clean

  • Rais Baixas, Spain

37. Godello 2015 Bioca

Bottle: £28.00

Fresh style of Godello with good mineral character over a more waxy, richer mouthfeel

  • Valdeorra, Spain

36. Gewurztraminer 2013 Domaine Michel Fonne

Bottle: £33.50

Notably spiced varietal but Michel’s style is elegant and restrained so not too oily and rich here

  • Alsace

35. Chardonnay Viognier 2015 Domaine Median, Aurelie Vic

175ml: £6.90, 50cl: £17.00, Bottle: £24.00

Lifted unoaked Chardonnay made curios by the addition of some heady, orange bloosom, honeyed Viognier (13%)

  • Landuedoc

34. Gavi di Gavi 2016 Produttore Govone

Bottle: £35.50

Sometimes known as ‘The Chablis of Italy’, an all Cortese wine with the same mineral edge

  • Piedmont, Italy

41. Pousadoiro 2015 Adega da Capela

Bottle: £28.95

Rich, volumous white from indigenous Spanish varietals, ripe fruit, some tropicality

  • Ribeiro, Spain

40. Mon Blanc 2015 Domaine Montros

Bottle: £27.50

Unoaked Chardonnay as good as a great deal of Southern Burgundy from the Coste family, here since 1702

  • Cotes de Thongue, Southern France

39. Pinot Blanc 2015 Weingut Rudolf Rabl

Bottle: £29.90

Alpine crispness at first but notably broadening out with a wealth of richness. Excellent Chardonnay alternative

  • Kamptal, Austria

44. Viognier 2015 Illahe Vineyards, The Ford Family

Bottle: £48.00

Wholly natural winemaking, down to the horses they use in the vineyards, rich, heady, authentic Viognier

  • Oregon

43. Albarino 2012 Trico

Bottle: £38.50

yielding, older vines means more intensity of flavour

  • Rais Baixas, Spain

42. Pouilly Fuisse 2015 Domaine Philippe Charmond

Bottle: £43.50

Mineral core and ripe, balanced, butterscotch Chardonnay fruit

  • Burgundy

Rosé Wines

13. Syrah Cabernet Rose 2016 Domaine Oliver Coste

Bottle: £28.50

Slightly earthy & spiced under fulsome Summer fruits – the Coste family here since 1702

  • Cotes de Thongue

12. Paradis Grenache Rose 2016 Domaine Preignes le Vieux

175ml: £6.90, 50cl: £17.90, Bottle: £26.30

Very well made pale Rose style, soft Summer fruits and a gentle finish (12.5%)

  • Languedoc, France

11. Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo Chiola Rosato 2015 Az Agricole Ilauri

Bottle: £25.75

Vivid, bitter cherry fruited, deeply coloured Rosato from the enigmatic Rodrigo Redman

  • Abruzzo, Italy

10. Le Ferme Petit Paul Rose 2016 Grenache Cinsault

175ml: £5.30, 50cl: £13.30, Bottle: £18.40

Delicate colour, simple strawberry and Summer fruits (12%)

  • Southern France

14. Vinho Verde Rosado 2015

175ml: £7.30, 50cl: £20.90, Bottle: £26.90

Unusal pink Vinho Verde, only 9.5% alc, vibrant and refreshing

  • Portugal

Red Wines

81. Pinot Noir 2014 Domaine Colombette

Bottle: £31.50

Softer style of Pinot, woodland mulch notes with a warm, beguiling finish

  • Southern France

80. Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 Finca Lucia

175ml: £4.95, 50cl: £13.50, Bottle: £18.75

Well defined, ripe berryish fruit but with a supple tannic structure

  • Valle de Rapel, Chile

82. Rioja Crianza

Bottle: £27.00

In large, old American and French barrels, cinnamon spice and a long, languid finish

  • Rioja, Spain

83. Malbec 2015 Casa Juanita

Bottle: £24.75

Barrique aged Malbec which softens the natural powerful fruit and makes for a more balanced wine

  • Mendoza, Argentina

84. Merlot 2015 Pillar Box Tree

175ml: £5.95, 50cl: £15.90, Bottle: £23.50

Good sense of fleshy fruit with a roasted earth undertow – proper vinous character, not just juice

  • Coastal Plain, South Africa

85. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2015 Bajo, Az Agricole Ilauri

175ml: £6.20, 50cl: £16.75, Bottle: £24.50

A certain smokiness under soft, rounded gently spiced fruit

  • Abruzzo, Italy

87. Casa del Abuelo 2015 Bodegas Vinessens

Bottle: £29.90

Old vine, barrique aged Monestrell/Syrah/Cabernet, vigorous and potent, Modernista Spain

  • Alicante, Spain

Dessert Wines

59. Picpoul Moelleux 2015 Domaine Beauvignac (bt)

75ml: £3.80, Bottle: £24.90

Rare, lightly sweet version of Picpoul, delicate sweetness still with a citrus bite (11%)

  • Languedoc

60. Semillon Doux 2015 Chateau Calabre (half bt)

75ml: £5.20, Bottle: £24.50

Lighter, elegant style of sweet grapefruit dessert wine from Daniel Herquet (11.5%)

  • Montravel, SW France

61. Botrytis Semillon, Golden Mist, Three Bridges, Richland Estate (50cl)

75ml: £7.60, Bottle: £33.00

Rich, botrytis mushroomy notes under unctuous butterscotch fruit

  • SE Australia

62. Black Muscat, Elysium (red dessert wine, half bt)

75ml: £8.20, Bottle: £36.90

Brilliant, crimson purple with aromas of roses, hibiscus and strawberries (15%)

  • California

63. Visciole (50cl)

75ml: £7.90, Bottle: £36.90

Intense red, the fragrance of ripe, soft fruits, blueberry & cherry notes, sweet finish (13.5%)

  • Italy


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